Mecal’s experience in manufacturing pinions, drive shafts, pistons and racks and pneumatic rotating cylinders, is also available for the most demanding actuator manufacturers.

The company manufactures square shape, double square (star) shape sprockets with female power take-off in accordance with standards ISO 5211/DIN337, drilled with drive keyway, pinions with shaft, pinions with threaded end and other shapes upon customer request. Thanks to its continuous product improvement research and to its knowledge of rotary pneumatic actuators, Mecal srl is able to make O-Ring seats and sliding seats of the pads with roughness lower than 0.6 micron.

Rotary pneumatic actuators are devices used to convert pneumatic energy into rotary motion. They are used in industrial automation to operate valves, close or open rotary mechanisms and perform other similar functions.


Rotary pneumatic actuators consist of a number of fundamental components. One of these is a pneumatic cylinder which may contain one or more pistons. When compressed air is introduced into the cylinder, the piston moves, generating a force which is converted into rotary motion. The rotary motion of the pneumatic actuator can be transmitted to another part of the system via an output shaft. This shaft can be connected directly to the mechanism that is to be driven or it can be used to transmit motion through gears or belts.

Mecal srl specialises in the manufacturing of pinions and shafts for actuators


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